Short circuit in the electric motor

Short circuit in the electric motor can be caused by making the pier

The most common cause of loss of boats is a fire and not a wreck as many believed. This problem affects not only the boat as the electric motor is directly originated in the electrical system of the vessel.

The electrical installation’s main point terminals and connections and especially the electric motor’s batteries. If they are loose, it can cause overheating and melting cables. To avoid this, the electric motor, the boat, the wiring and all the accessories must be subjected to maintenance at least once a year.

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Most marinas do not follow a single standard voltage and that always raises the possibility of making the pier not be equal to your boat. Common way, a short circuit can occur and this will affect the electric motor completely.

We must also make sure that the automatic pump is even compatible with the electric current because the installation of a wrong model can cause the pump to operate not just when they most needed it.

Electric motor can suffer from the three phases of the burnt winding

The electric motor can suffer from the three phases of the burnt winding. This may be caused by thermal overload as there is an excess number of starts the intermittent operation or a start-up period which are in prolonged excessive to damage the winding.

For the electric motor works properly, the electric motor is to work under a scheme which is guaranteed if they are properly taken into account when the specified values of the electric motor.

One must take into account the number of starts per hour; starting the electric motor with or without load; Mechanical brake or current reversal of the electric motor; accelerated rotating masses connected to the electric motor shaft and the time to load depending on the speed driven by acceleration and braking.

Because of the effort that the electric motor drives by pulling account in the intermittent regime give the greatest losses, which make the electric motor becomes hotter and will not be out of the question in cases where the possibility that the stator winding does not cause damage to the electric motor stopped.

Differences between electric motors

The differences between electric motors are important so that the trader can make the choice that machine that will suit your needs. As the market offers various types of engines, it is necessary to know which one to attend to what you need. Here we will see more information about it.

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The electric motors are set in single phase and three-phase models. The single-phase model that is suitable for most basic applications, as it plays simplest tasks. The opposite happens with the three-phase models, these are best suited for more complex applications, such as industrial processes, among other options.

which is independent of the type of engine used, the function is the same. The engine is used to make the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy and that it can be implemented in very different applications such as elevators, appliances, cars, bicycles and even Nautical segment products.

Starting the electric motor requires some precautions

To be given starting the electric motor is necessary that certain precautions are taken. Before the electric motor starting is necessary that an inspection is made in the charge device for carrying out the survey and the short-circuiting which is checked by inspection cover the Brush position or through the signal that comes from the key CCD where it is indicated the brush position is lowered.

If the signal is not indicating what the position of brushes totally lowered, the electric motor will not work without first take the command to the position of brushes are totally lowered.

Manual or through the steering wheel way, the lever must be activated or automatically operating the brake motor. If the electric motor is in the manual system, the lever will return to its previous position and thus the electromechanical actuator is triggered and the brushes are totally lowered along with the rings that are not short-circuited will be allowing them to form bonds of external resistors in series with the rotor winding through the brushes. mrosupply dodge